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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Azadari e Hussain (AS), Nizam e Illahi?

"Man is such, that he does not even remember his own mother 2 months after burying her. This life is too busy and too big for man to mourn over his deceased for a long period of time. Then time itself is the best healer and over a period, man is only left with memories.

When the moon of Muharram is cited, a nation leaves everything in their life aside and prioritizes their daily routine such that nothing comes before Azadari-e-Imam Hussain (AS). Wives stop cooking in their homes and visit Imambargas and houses to attend Majalis e Aza. Mothers who do not leave their houses, take their young ones and travel in buses to participate in gatherings where Zikr e Hussain (AS) is being carried out. Men leave their offices and jobs to attend the processions.

People who are only used to invest in things which give them monetary returns, spend millions of rupees in the name of Sabeel and Tabarukat, for no gain in return. The story is same in India, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudia Arabia, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, UK, Spain, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, USA, you name it and you will find centers where Azadari e Hussain (AS) is taking place in a native language and in a native style.

This put me in thought, that what power ensures Azadari takes place with same spirit every year every where, despite all the suicide blasts and loss of life? That too by the same men like everyone else, who forget passion over a period of time?

This surely is not possible through any system created by man, for man's created socio-economic systems falter, as testified by history. Nations have perished, millions have died, thousands have been martyred, but the blood of 72 lives on for 1400 years as if it was only yesterday.

I got my answer when I came across the Quran [2:1252], which stated that Allah will remember those who remember him. Hadeeth e Qudsi too stated that those who remember Allah in secrecy, Allah remembers him in open, those who remember Allah in their gathering, Allah will remember him in a gathering better than theirs.

Allah loved Ibrahim's (AS) sacrifice of Ismail (AS) so much, that he made it incumbent on all followers to remember his (AS) faith and sacrifice every year. Allah loved Hussain's (AS) sacrifice of everything that he (AS) ever loved, so much, that today, the cry Allah hu Akbar goes hands in hand with Ya Hussain.

The purpose of this proposition was not to convince you to start doing matam or zanjeer, but a request, for you to understand and respect, that some things in life, are greater than life, and not in man's control.

Enemies of Prophet (SAW) joked about him (SAW) having no son and thus no prosterity. Allah promised in Surah Kauthar [108:3] that his (SAW) enemy will be without posterity. Today, the posterity of Rasool (SAW) still lives in the form of Zikr e Hussain."

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