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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Probably, Not Random

"Math is truly a universal language, for 1 + 1 will always equal 2 in all countries, planets and solar systems.

Mathematically, the probability of an event happening at random, describes the potential for it to occur on its own, due to many uncontrollable variables. For example, as Bill Bryson in his book explains, if a bucket has one hundred balls, labeled from 001 to 100 and I am blindfolded, what is the probability that I will take out the ball numbered 11 in my first attempt? The answer is 1/100 or 1% (1 chance in one hundred attempts). Those who know about probabilities will agree that even 1% is a healthy chance of occurrence. However, what is the probability that in my first "random" attempt, I take out the ball numbered 11, followed by a ball numbered 27 in the following attempt? The answer is 1/100 * 1/99 =  1/9900 or 0.01%. That is 1 chance in nine thousand nine hundred attempts. To conclude, the probability of me blindfolded taking out balls numbered 001 to 100 in ascending order in continuous attempts is 1/100! (1 by 100 factorial) or 1/(9.33*10^157), that is 1 divided by 9.33 billion billion billion... (17 times billions). To rationalize the number or make it comprehensible, well, it cannot be comprehended and the probability of this random event occurring is, approximately 0% or impossible.

Now, if the above is repeated after I remove my blindfold, the probability of me taking out balls numbered 001 to 100 in ascending order in continuous attempts is, 1, or 100%. Because I can see all the balls, I can pick them in the desired order on my will and thus achieve the result.

To some of us, events in this universe occur randomly and because they are random, they cannot be controlled. A plane can crash anywhere, an earthquake can occur anytime, lightning can fall on anyone. If such, then all of us must live our lives in fear, for an uncontrollable event can occur anytime.

However, there is another explanation to it. An entity, which is not blindfolded, is infact "taking out the balls" as per his own will and desire. This means that all incidents in our lives and this universe are not only definite, but also methodical and controlled. All these events were meant to happen, to leave a lasting impact on our personalities as well as the timeline of creation.

As the Quran states in [2:19], the disbelievers fear thunder and lightning, because they believe that it may fall upon them "randomly". For believers, we know that lightning will fall only where Allah wills it to be, then why the fear? Allah has promised safety and success for his believers, Allah is controlling the events occurring around us, and this belief in itself should generate a feeling of security and satisfaction within us.

If we are still restless, then it maybe on account of what our hands have earned, because Allah has promised to be guardians of his believers.

Do you really think you ended up on this website surfing the internet randomly? My bet, probably, not random! "

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