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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.


" Man's biggest enemy maybe the cursed Satan and who has seen the satan himself? For he often strikes man in the form of emotions.

Be it anger, arrogance, excitement, sorrow, love, hate, happiness; If not controlled, will consume man and lead him to uncertainty which amounts to disbelief.

Man can cross the limits in excitement, cast doubts on his own faith in sorrow, oppress the weak in anger, usurp someone's right in arrogance, harm someone in jealousy, commit adultery in the name of love and perform murder in the name of hate. To make it short, man with uncontrolled emotions is Satan personified.

Kerbala defeats emotions and makes a man, a man. Love Kerbala and man will never oppress, commemorate it's sorrow and man only comes near faith. What can a mourner be arrogant of when he realizes nothing is his. The tear shed on the smile of Ali Asghar (AS) should defeat emotions forever.

The only emotion left which brings man closer to Allah is the emotion of Kerbala. To people, the mourners display extreme grief. To mourners, they are in bliss, each hand on chest being a slap on the face of Yazeediyat.

How can one be emotional, if his tears are only worthy for Kerbala, and if his smile is only thirsty for Ya Hussain?

Funny, when in Muharram, the mourners cry and beat their chests with a heavy gut, yet their hearts are warm with a feeling of joy on every cry of Ya Hussain, that how it had survived and will continue to do so despite all that has been done to counter it. "1

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