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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Great Escape

" Although man loves nothing more than money and power, it is the essence of being free which really gives life to men.

Nothing maybe more frustrating than being captured, imprisoned or enslaved. Nothing maybe more frustrating than always following orders from some one else whether one likes it or not, agrees to it or not, and living one's life according to some one else's desires.

The corporate world (same can be said for other establishments such as the army where one's personal opinions do not matter and freedom of choice is limited) is a mess for those who want to live their lives to its fullest. The subordinates cannot argue with their superiors, the subordinates have to carry out the instructions given to them by their managers and the subordinates cannot live their lives the way they want to.

Imagine yourself going to work every day, work where one is frustrated, humiliated and scolded everyday. I have met people and there are many examples in the world where the work life of people have given them long term depressions. Some people cannot escape this frustration everyday due to personal problems and must continue to live their life of an animal. Nothing can be more frustrating and torturing than this.

But there are some lucky ones who can escape this all by resigning and moving on. This power to resign is the only essence of freedom which they have and this is what restores life back to the employee; the mental strength that one can escape this all and avoid such frustrations at will when they resign.

You can work with ease, carelessly and with a smile on your face, knowing that if you mess up, you can simply resign and save your self from the humiliation, frustrations and fear of facing your superiors. The feeling of escaping authority and accountability is a great feeling.

Has man ever thought of making a similar escape, just greater, in the hereafter? When man faces Allah in the hereafter, and realizes that he has messed up in his life, can he escape that authority, simply resign and move on? No soul can bear that frustration, that humiliation and that fear.

It is thus odd, that although man cannot make that great escape, he still disobeys Allah and his Rasool (SAW) by causing fitnah, creating disunity, spreading hate, he bribes and lies, he cheats and commits adultery of the eye, toungue and the body, he earns by unfair means, he murders, he worships non-Gods, he follows the wretched, and yet, he manages to smile thinking that maybe he will be able to make that great escape.

Allah is merciful but Allah is also just. Only they can make the great escape from THE humiliation, frustration and fear, those who believe (firmly), do good (with truth), tell others to do good (sincerely) and are patient. [Surah ASR] "

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