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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Loving a Higher Cause

This paper is a submission by Kaneez Fatima.
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" Our lives are a struggle after things that we hold most dear.

People, who love money more than everything else, run after money all their lives. People, who love fame more than everything else, run after fame all their lives. Those who love their families more than everything else, strive to make them happy all their lives. And people who love themselves above everything, do everything legal and illegal to keep themselves safe and at ease.It is "love" that decides which way our lives go, depending upon what is it that we love the most.

We have come to know through research that human body functions only when it receives commands from the brain. All the organs of our body follow the directives given by our brain. That is, the nervous system regulates all other systems and all other organs of our body. But interestingly, the organ that is held responsible for rousing "love", that is, the heart starts beating at 3.5 weeks after a baby is conceived while the brain starts functioning at 6 weeks.

The heart beats even before the nervous system is formed. That means, it's not the brain that commands our hearts to beat, it's something else, its Allah.

So many betrayals, so many rejections, so many disappointments are all due to one single reason. We exhaust the most beautiful emotion in loving things and other people more than we love Allah, in ways that are against the ways He has told us.

Imam Ali (as) has said that a believer should love Allah (SWT) and for the sake of His love, you love His creatures; children and fellow beings too.

It is this kind of love that a believer is supposed to practice and it is this kind of love that strengthens his relationship with the Creator and the created and saves him from unnecessary agony and suffering. "

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