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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Future We Believe In Inspires Us

" Human motivation and inspiration very much lies in his/her belief system and in terms of what they believe lies ahead. What drives us today is what we think is the future.

A child is motivated to work hard in their school as they believe it would get them good grades and resultantly into good colleges in the future. An athlete is inspired to cut down on diet and work very hard today because it would enable them to win their competition in the future. Similarly, an employee is motivated and will work hard as long as they believe they have a future or future growth in that organization. The moment the employee feels there is no future for them in that organization, their motivation levels will drop irrespective of their work ethics and hardworking and honest nature.

Once the motivation levels are gone, so is the desire to attach ones self to it or to put effort for it.

I had worked for an organization for 14 years. Once i was told i will be moved to another sister organization, my incentive to take long term decisions in my current role started to get hampered, my motivation in the current role started to get impacted, because once my future was not attached to my current role, the current role and ambition did not matter. I would count days till i would make the switch.

Couples who have decided to divorce in the future stop investing in their relationship today as well. This is classic human programming.

If we believe in the future, of accountability, of being presented before Allah, it will inspire us and motivate us today.

This is the reason why the prophets and the imams did not invest themselves in the material world for a material gain, because the future was in another world not this world. That is why Ali (AS) said what has he got to do with this world, whose halal has accountability and whose haraam has punishment.

"O Ammar, grieve not if the pleasures of this world are kept away from you. Honey, the best and sweetest food, is the saliva of an insect, the bee. The nicest dress is made of silk which is the refuse of a small worm. The most refreshing scent, musk, is the blood of an animal, the deer. The best drink is water which is also used by animals to quench their thirst. The most passionate act is cohabiting in which urinative organs are used.""

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