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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Envious Interactions

" Each interaction we have with another person, is infact a transaction. There is give and take involved consciously, or not. We have the abilitiy to save a life or to destroy a life in our interaction with another person even if it was for a matter of seconds. 

Your kind words can change someone's career which can impact a lifestyle for the family for generations to come. Your harshness can also impact someone's motivation and can also take lives; people have killed themselves over cyber bullying etc.

Never underestimate your influence (and hence your accountability) when you are interacting with another living soul.

Imam Jaffar (AS) said, if a poor comes to you and you have no alms to give, even then do not let that person go empty handed and gift him with your smile.

You always meet people for a reason even if it is for a moment. You maybe rewarded for that interaction in this world and or in the next, you maybe punished for that interaction in this world and or in the next, depending on how you interacted and transacted; with justice, fairness, respect, authenticity and honesty, or with malice, envy, grudge, hate, disrespect and ego.

I would like to mention a brief interaction i had with Ali, who was my "uber" in a 40 minute drive. The positivity of the guy was commendable, and he left me with a gift which i wanted to share with you as well.

On the matter of envy, he said and i quote "we find happiness in the sorrow of people, and we find sorrow in the happiness of people". Let that sink in and evaluate yourself if you are someone who does not agree with the decisions of Allah.

If Allah gave someone a promotion, a bigger house, more kids, a larger car, he has given you what you have today as well. And if Allah took away someone's loved ones, or property, or decreed loss in someone's business, surely our time of trial and test will also come.

Learn to celeberate genuinely someone else's happiness, and share someone else's sorrow. That will not only make you a human, but also is the requirement of faith in the God of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  "

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