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Seclusion Over Wretched Companionship

This paper is a submission by Kaneez Fatima.
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"All matter emits or absorbs some kind of energy. All the energies that surround man affect him in one way or the other. Everything we have around us affects our existence. 

Color therapy is one of the numerous treatments that science has introduced to help people establish a harmony between their minds and souls. The concept is simple; "colors" being an outcome of the reactions within the realm of light energy, when coordinates with human body in a special pattern gives it a healing effect. Similarly, discorded patterns of colors can have a deteriorating impact too.

The point in mentioning the effects of colors is, that if something as passive as colors can change the way one feels or thinks, imagine how much can the most active participant in the hustle of this of this world, namely "man", can impact our emotions, feelings, thinking, mood and actions.

Company has an impact on even the strongest personalities. Wise company always profits while foolish company will only end up in collateral damage. Islam lays much emphasis on the preference of piety while selecting one's companionship. Be it in any form, from a friend to a spouse.

A pious company is just like special patterns of colors. It has a healing effect on soul. It inculcates piety and helps one get closer to Allah. Pious company will attract you towards piety.

On the other hand, a wretched companion is just like discorded patterns of colors. It will only  msiguide you. It disrupts the positive functioning of soul and tows one away from Allah. Sometimes this happens so silently that we realize only when much destruction has already taken place. The worst part is, accepting wretched companionship means one has accepted the wretchedness as well and those who accept wretchedness are partners in it.

It is for this reason that Ameer-ul-Momineen Ali ibn Abu Talib (AS) has said that it is better to be alone than with bad company. "

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