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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Perspicio 2

" In the original proposition Perspicio, we tried to explore the concept of perspicio or perception experimented with during the Renaissance which brought 3D images on a 2D surface, a simple concept that the further an object, to be drawn smaller, and closer the object, to be shown larger. Similarly the further away we are from Allah, the smaller his greatness, adl, rehmat looks to us, the larger our problems look to us.

In this proposition, i will like to highlight another perspective that i learnt growing up. The perspective, that reality is not real but a perspective in itself, and every individual lives in their own realities.  There are people for who the flat earth is a reality. Some years ago the reality was that the sun revolved around the earth. For some today it is still a reality. For some, god does not exist, for some god exists in many forms. There are 7 billion people living on earth today and i will not be surprised if you will ask each a question and get 7 billion different views and responses. For some, rebirth is a reality, for some heaven is a reality. Ask different muslims different things about paradise and you will realize that even paradise is different in the minds of different people.

Not only must we realize that our reality might not be someone else's reality, we must appreciate every ones views, which is diversity, a will of Allah.

The belief in Christian trinity a millennium ago is not necessary the same belief Christians have in Trinity today. The muslim traditions today which are a part of our reality were not traditions 1400 years ago.  For some, free will is a reality, for some destiny is. For some, the idol grants them their prayers, for some, even the Kaaba does not grant them their prayers. For some, Batman is a criminal and for some, he is a super hero. Facts a thousand years ago have been rebutted and rectified as science continues its onslaught on progress. What is a scientific fact today, might be rebutted tomorrow.

These experiences, level of IQ, EQ, knowledge, luck, shape our realities for us and we react and play our cards / plan our moves, based on our own realities. The challenge then is, what is absolute reality and how do we ensure our perception is closest to the absolute truth?

For if we base our decisions on a reality which is further away from the absolute truth, then we will be at loss. Just like you are wearing a Virtual Reality goggle playing a game of tennis and in the process of running towards the ball (which does not exist in real) you break an expensive piece of furniture which was present in the room and came in your way in real. Your actions were based on the reality the goggle was sending to your mind and despite it not being the reality, you ended up damaging an expensive piece of furniture as you were taking actions and decisions which were not aligned with the actual reality that existed around you.

The question then remains, how can we know what the reality is? Reality is the truth that is universal and does not change based on the perspectives of the people.

We pray in every salat (Surah Fateha) to Keep us on the right path, The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray.

We pray daily to keep us on the truth, the reality, which is the path of those whom Allah has bestowed favors upon. And who had more favors bestowed upon other than the family where prophethood nurtured and arguably (as some may not believe in and we respect their perspective), Imamat flourished?

The perspective of these on who Allah bestowed his favors (of guidance, wisdom and knowledge, amongst other favors) is the truth, the fact.

What is the perspective of someone who fails an exam, or whose boyfriend leaves them, or a beauty queen who grows a mole on her face, or who falls sick for a long period of time, or who looses money? Our priorities are misplaced because of our perspective about life.

What was the perspective of Ibrahim (AS) when he was thrown in the fire? What was the perspective of Imam Ali (AS) when his neck was struck with a poisonous dagger in Sajda during Fajr in Ramzan? What was the perspective of Imam Hussain (AS) when his sons were killed in Kerbala? What was the perspective of Janab Zainab (AS) when she was asked by the tyrant Ibn Ziyad (La) how is she feeling after seeing her brothers and sons slaughtered infront of her?

Ibrahim (AS) did not beg for his life when being thrown in the fire, but told the disbelievers and as the Quran quoted in Surah 21 Ayah 69, "Fire on you and what you serve besides Allah". Mawla Ali (AS) did not worry for his children and property or for his health as it continued to deteriorate after the strike on his neck, but said "By the God of Kaaba i got successful today". He (AS) did not say that when he achieved victories in Jihad but upon his death bed. Imam Hussain (AS) did not back away from his mission when his sons were killed, but said that It was indeed difficult for him (AS) but he (AS) was at ease because it was happening infront of Allah who has the authority to decide as he pleased. Janab Zainab (AS) did not lament when answering Ibn Ziyad (La), and where everyone else saw destruction, bad luck, helplessness of the Ahlulbayt (AS), in her (AS) perspective, she replied "I saw nothing but beauty".

Our perspectives do not matter if they are misaligned from the truth that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) brought and his Ahlulbayt (AS) struggled to preserve after his (SAW) demise. "

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