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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Power Of Infinity

" We are all tested in different ways, some comprehendible, some beyond our understanding. Some given so much wealth to see if they give the poor their due, some so poor, to see if they would steal or give up hope. Some given so  much beauty to see if they would sell their flesh, some not so much to check for gratitude and if we loose our confidence or not.

It is difficult to come across a person, who believed what he had was enough for him. The feeling of scarcity bothers us. We may have billions today but our search for the next million continues as we might think it not be there tomorrow. The devil makes us think that this world is too small and its resources are not enough for all of us for all of the time.

This feeling of scarcity challenges us to compete with each other for the next dollar, next molecule of oil, next drop of water. We conquer and we kill for these resources. This feeling of scarcity takes away our hope and enslaves us to our desires, and to the powerful, whether its your king, corporate boss or your powerful spouse.

If only we looked above in the sky to simply understand the vastness of the universe. People of science say the stars in a galaxy are more than the grains of sand on earth.

If we realized that the food we eat was grown using sunlight which was created millions of years before we were even born. (You can google to see that the photon of light which is emitted from the sun journeys a million year journey before it falls on the seed planted on this earth). The Allah who has promised us our sustenance had been planning for one seed of grain that we eat in a millisecond for millions of years.

The devil scares us, but the fact is that God's world is vast and beyond our comprehension. It is infinite and full of infinite possibilities.

We cannot be free until we understand this infinity. Infact we cannot be alive until we do not understand and appreciate this infinity, which gives us courage over scarcity. This life will end, but only the life as we know it, and not life itself, which shall continue also on the path of infinity (the afterlife).

One of the titles of Imam Hussain (AS) was Syed ur Ahraar (leader of the free). Imam Hussain's (AS) success was in his freedom not to bow his head infront of a tyrant. Then whether the head is cut or not does not really matter. This freedom gave life to the head that was cut. Then anything that limits our freedom is our death.

Someone who is not free has not lived at all.

Quran says in Surah 65 Ayah 7 that no soul shall be burdened beyond its extent to carry it. Do we not see that the polar bear does not die in extreme winters of cold or hunger, and that the tardigrade does not die in extreme pressure, and that the camel does not die of thirst in extreme drought of the desert. Each is given what it needs to carry its burden.

You are also given then the weapons that allow you to fight your battles, if only you realized it and freed yourself from the illusion of scarcity.   "

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