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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Language of God 3; Destiny vs Free Will?

" In the original proposition Language of God, we highlighted how 03 acts if done by a man is the same as if doing what God did himself; Reading the Quran, Sending the Durood, and Speaking the Truth.

In the second part Language of God 2, we expanded how mathematics is miraculously sophisticated and is the closest thing being the language of God given it is use to measure, universal in nature, does not lie, knows the unseen and the future, and is full of might and wonder.

I would dedicate this piece to mathematics once more, to show or try to show mathematically how destiny is a language of god while maintaining the rightful balance between free will and destiny.

Men have used their free will to create and build structures in the world. However, if you list their heights (in any unit of measurement), you will find out that the most common leading digit is 1, followed by 2 and so on. It’s an observation that many datasets, both man-made and from nature, contain more digits that start with the number 1 than any other digit, about 30% of all numbers. And the subsequent leading digits drop down in frequency until number 9, which appears as the first digit in only about 5% of the numbers in the datasets.

This phenomena is explained through Benford's law. Benford’s law states that the leading digits in a collection of large data set are probably going to be small. For example, most numbers in a set (about 30%) will have a leading digit of 1, when the expected probability is 11.1% (i.e. one out of nine digits). This is followed by about 17.5% starting with a number 2. This is an unexpected phenomenon; If all leading numbers (0 through 9) had equal probability, each would occur 11.1% of the time. In simple worlds this mean in large data sets generally, the numbers starting with the digit 1 is greater than those that start with 2, than those which start with the digit 3 and so on so forth.

Quoting statisticshowto, Benford studied 20,229 observations from 20 different data sets, including: A list of street addresses, Molecular weights and specific heats for thousands of chemicals, Surface areas of 335 rivers, Mathematical sequences; all complied with this law (of nature and mathematics).

Is this and other such laws of nature and physics, God's way of telling mankind that any act of free will will only result in the end product of what has been destined? As in the case of Benford's law, man is at liberty to write as he wills and publish it in a Reader's Digest volume, but the numbers starting from 1 are destined to be more than numbers starting from the digit 9 in that specific volume.

Maybe that is why Imam Ali (AS) said; Neither before time, nor more than what is destined. "

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