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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Tabarra; A Social Norm

" It occurred to me write a short proposition on Tabarra as it recently came up in a gathering. A detailed article can be found at Tawalla and Tabbara: Do Shia Curse the Companions. To clarify upfront (as people have a habit of jumping to conclusions without reading in detail), neither myself, nor this website propagates hatred, or abuse of personalities. However critical analysis of historical events and showing dissent against actions we disagree with (those targeted against Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Ahlulbayt (AS)) is incumbent on us.

Tabarra does not mean to abuse someone, but to dissociate one from someone, or something.

All Muslims do their Tabarra during Hajj, the act of Ramy, when they stone the Satan. The act of hate, or disgust only raises in the heart of a Muslim the disgust at whatever the devil stands for, and the dissociation they confess with the Satan. If i throw a stone at the Satan, and I deceive my brother in faith, shouldn't that stone come back at me?

When you look for a spouse, you make sure you distance yourself from those whose character is not per your desire. Even when you make friends, you make sure that the adulter and the gambler are not a part of your social circle, you distance and dissociate yourself from them.

A persons basic morals, ethics and social sense encourages the need of Tabarra in their life. A group of shias propagate sorts of Fahashi and immoral acts in the name of Tabarra. The same ethics and morals determine the way of the Tabarra as well. Every person will perform Tabarra according to their morals, intellect and level of piety.

People can argue abusing Yazid (laeen) is right, some would say cursing him is right, some will probably say writing Yazid's name on a paper and then burning that paper is also Tabarra. People must remember that the spirit of dissociation with Yazid (Laeen) is also to dissociate from the acts which made him Yazid (Laeen).

The lizard is considered to be a pest. If found in your bedroom, you will either spray it, or kill it with a shoe or a broom. You will throw it in the dustbin, or burn its corpse, or flush it out. Your ways of killing and disposing off the lizard will be very different, and may be even argued to contain them within a civilized way. This argument will not change the nature of the lizard, it will remain a detestable pest. "

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