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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

The Art Of Repentance

" No quality is liked by Allah as much as repentance, no person as much loved by Allah who is oft-repenting and mends ways after realization.

Infact, Quran Surah 8 Ayah 33 has stated that Allah will not chastise, while the Prophet (SAW) is amongst us, or while we ask for forgiveness. It is plausible to say that our time of repentance is our time we spend with the Prophet (SAW) even during his physical absence.

Forgiveness is such a powerful tool that not only we discussed in Forgive For God that it is an attribute which was revealed to man (and not learnt on account of his evolution), but forgiving others is also emphasized by the Prophet (SAW) such that there have been traditions where the Prophet (SAW) said someone who does not accept someone's apology may be deprived of the intercession of the Prophet (SAW) himself.

But there is something one must realize about sin repentance. One must feel the dirt of sin for repentance to be meaningful, just like we feel the dirt of what we excrete (or urinate). If we go to a washroom to attend the call of nature, and if there is no soap or water (or toilet paper), and we return on account of the difficult circumstance we were in, dirty, although the world will not realize our unhygienic condition (as they will assume we have cleaned ourselves), we will be restless and will feel disgusted of ourselves, afraid to touch anything or eat anything, and to wash ourselves in the first possible opportunity. Infact a child who has excreted in his pants (or pampers), will be so uncomfortable he will not enjoy any luxury till the moment he has been cleaned. Such must be the realization of sin, it is for our own self and not for the eyes of the world. No matter what we are in the eyes of the world, our sin will make us feel disgusted until we cleanse our self, with repentance.

Imam Ali (AS) said that the sign of true repentance is such that we feel as much anxiety and stress and pain as much as pleasure we felt in the sin. It is only this realization which will help us check the only condition of repentance; mending our ways.

As the persian couplet goes;

"Dar jawani tauba kardan shewa-e-paighambri,
Waqt-e-peeri gurg-e-zalim me shawad parhaizgaar"

"To be pious in one’s youth is the style of prophets.
In the old age, even a cruel wolf gives up his cruelty".

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