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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Facts and Fiction: Quantitative Qualitative Analysis

" Facts can be classified into two categories, qualitative and quantitative. Everything else is a lie, hoax, fiction, opposite of truth, does not exist.

The quantitative facts are easy to identify, they are mathematical. Mathematics by its very own nature is the language of God, is the only true universal language. 1+1 equals 2 in all continents and all planets. Mathematical models and algorithms have made possible space travel and explained black holes. You can forecast the weather in short term based on mathematics. You can predict how far the arrow will go if you know the angle and speed of the throw. You have created radars, made scientific advancements based on the robustness of mathematics and its true universality.

My height can be measured and quantified, it is an absolute truth no matter where i am.

It is a quantitative fact. Half of your life will be based on such facts. The sun is 6000c hot, the office starts at 9 am, a can of coke costs 50 rs, the flight time from karachi to london is 8 hours. There are no fights, no disputes or arguments in society regarding this facts.

The other type of the fact is qualitative. Is Pizza hut serving tasty pizzas? Am i a good human being? Which form of government is most suited to Pakistan? Which political party has the right manifesto?

As all of these facts are based on opinions, or dominant opinions, this is where the conflict starts. Because no matter what level of IQ, education, knowledge or experience you will have, you will always have an opinion about everything in life that can be talked about.

Firstly, why should we investigate and conclude a qualitative fact? Because it matters. If our opinions are not in line with absolute facts we will be in loss in one way or the other. Does god exist? Can you quantify? No. Then it is down to my opinion vs your opinion based on our IQ, education, knowledge, experience. It is important to understand that my opinion or your opinion will not change the fact, if God exists He does, one of us who kept a wrong opinion will be the one in loss. Just like a fire will burn, if in my opinion it cools down and produces and in your opinion it heats and destroys, then i will end up burning myself because in my opinion fire was our friend. Wherever opinions misalign with facts, we will incur loss.

The question then, how do we conclude qualitative facts?

First, see if they can be quantified, because mathematic does not lie. Is PIA a good service provider? To some yes and to others know. There will be mathematical KPIs and benchmarking with other airlines to justify each side of the argument because that is how such a qualitative fact be rationalized, through mathematics. Chances are that a thorough mathematical analysis of the qualitative problem will conclude to a unanimous solution hence be accepted as a fact. Messi is a better player than the Saudi striker Al-Sahlawi as messi has scored 700 goals more.....

However there may be mixed results in quantification as some may give more weightage to one KPI in their opinion while others may give more weightage to another. For example, (hypothetically), PIA is cheaper when compared with other airlines and in my opinion that is more important to judge PIA, whereas on average PIA is delayed by 40 minutes more than other airlines and in your opinion that is more important to judge PIA hence the argument will remain inconclusive. Also Messi has more goals than Ronaldo but Ronaldo has more individual and UCL trophies than Messi... so the conflict of opinion will continue.

In addition to mixed mathematical results for some facts not all qualitative facts can be quantified. The only other method to resolve or conclude such qualitative fact is to rely on subject matter experts. Is the design of a facility safe? Conduct a HAZOP study. The HAZOP study by different consultants will give different results, may give different recommendations that is why it is important to pre-qualify the consultant to ensure they have the right relevant experience, expertise, qualification and are fit for job. If you compare the results of two HAZOP consultants as long as they have comparable experience, expertise and qualification, almsot all of the time they will arrive to the same recommendations and conclusions. Now your opinion does not matter as the opinion of the experts shall prevail. Is the facility safe now? If the qualified HAZOP experts say so, then their word/opinion shall prevail and will become a fact.

However, there is a third way of settling the qualitative conflict; the decision of the one having authority. You and i can argue that the replay showed it was a penalty, but the decision/opinion of the referee is final and the one that matters and will determine the course of the game. You and I can argue that our Prime Minister was not corrupt, but the decision/opinion of the judges of the court will decide the matter and will determine the course of the legal proceedings, not my or your argument.

Everything else which falls outside the boundaries of such qualitative and quantitative evaluation can only be an opinion, never a fact.

Our religious opinions embroil us in such conflicts that we kill each other for our opinions. Those who disagree to our opinions is a kaafir and is persecuted...

There must be some experts who can resolve our conflicts based on their IQ, education, knowledge, experience. If the way of Ali (AS) conflicted with the way of companions like Talha, Zubair and Mawiya, who should in our opinion be followed? Note that our opinion does not change the fact. Ali (AS) whose prequalification as an expert and authority on the subject matter includes his eloquence, bravery, chivalry, nobility, lineage, association with the Prophet (SAW) and him being a part of his Ahlulbayt (AS), who was brought up by the Prophet (SAW) and spent 32 years with him? Or Mawiya who belonged to a father who fought the Prophet (SAW) till Mecca fell, 2 years before the Prophet (SAW) demised.

There must be some expert who can resolve our conflicts based on their authority. No wonder Quran Surah 4 Ayah 65 commands that none of us believe in reality until we make Muhammad (SAW) a judge in all that we disagree to and unless we don't submit without any straitness in our hearts to whatever the Prophet (SAW) has decided.  

It is their (Prophet (SAW) and His Aal (AS)) words, acts, decisions that matter, not our opinions which shall remain opinions and have no implications on the facts.

If Allah is one because Prophet (SAW) prostrated before him, if Allah is wonderful because Ibrahim (AS) jumped in fire on account of his trust on Allah, if Allah will bring about the day of resurrection  because Imam Hussain (AS) sacrificed everything for him and trusted his adl, then it is the opinions of these people that matter and make the facts, our opinions if cannot be quantified and cannot be aligned with such people, shall remain opinions and we shall continue to be in loss. Saying Abu Lahab is R.A (god forbid) does not bring Allah's mercy on him but will trap us, because our opinion is against a fact (of the Quran) and therefore we will become one of those who reject, just like cursing a prophet of God (God forbid) does not bring Allah's curse on him but on us as our opinion was against the opinion of the Quran (which matters).

Was Ali (AS) the Mawla of all believers? Why dispute, why not ask Muhammad (SAW)? Was the truth not with Ali (AS)? Why dispute, why not ask Muhammad (SAW)? Was Ammar (RA) not martyred by a rebel group? Why dispute, why not ask Prophet Muhammad (SAW)? Was Imam Hassan (AS) and Hussain (AS) not princes of paradise? Why dispute, why not ask Prophet Muhammad (SAW)? Did the daughter of Prophet (SAW) have no inheritance from her father? Why dispute and not ask Prophet Muhammad (SAW)?  Did the Prophet (SAW) leave behind him the Quran and his Ahlulbayt (AS)? Why dispute and not ask Prophet Muhammad (SAW)? "

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