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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

An Opportunity to Sin is nonetheless an Opportunity

" Man is created hasty, weak and selfish. A man preaches until his own self gets drags into it. Man will help others in which he sees his own personal gains.

It is suffice to say that man is an opportunist. He will never let go off any opportunity which would benefit him even if the cost others have to pay for it is huge. People befriend the rich to take advantage financially, people befriend the studious in order to gain educational assistance and excel academically, people butter the powerful to be in their good books and thus get favors from them. People slit each others throat to pounce on career opportunities.

Unfortunately, all the opportunists over-look one of the biggest opportunities time and destiny provides them with. Infact, nature provides every single man with this opportunity, such that if man utilizes it in it's truest sense, man will buy the hereafter at a very cheap price.

The opportunity which I talk about, is the opportunity to sin. Every person in this world gets a chance to sin. I can watch pornography when no one is around and satisfy my lust. I can steal money which some one entrusted me with. I can consume alcohol just for the fun of it. I can enjoy adultery and prostitution and no one will ever come to know. I can take bribes in the name of presents and be rich. I can earn three-folds through Riba in the name of modern accounting terms. Because I am not accountable to anyone in this world, I am powerful and rich, I am at a good government position, I am strong financially and physically, I am alone and feared, I can do anything I want to do.

However, by pouncing on the opportunity to Sin, i overlooked another Opportunity which was far greater than what I did; the opportunity to not Sin.

Man should see opportunities to Sin as an opportunity given by God to him, in order to prove his faith and strength. I am not an alcoholic because there is no alcohol available in my city. My strength would only be proven if I chose not to drink alcohol when it was being served infront of me and everyone around me was consuming and enjoying it.

I am alone in my house. I realize that watching pornography is just one internet click away. The temptation for adultery of the eyes is very tempting indeed. Why not give it a try and delete history when done. No one will ever know. This is the time I should pounce on the actual opportunity. What is the Actual opportunity? I had in my will and strength the capability to do what I was about to do, but because of my Fear of Allah and faith in his omnipresence, because of my desire to be united with the truest followers of Rasool (SAW), I chose not to do what i was about to do, and that is how I utilized my opportunity to it's fullest.

What is your credit  in not being angry, when you do not feel angry? The actual achievement is to kill your anger when you feel angry. Next time when you are angry and have in your powers to retaliate and punish some one weaker than you, realize that it is an opportunity to control your anger and forgive. 

As Rasool (SAW) said, he who had in his power and authority to exceed the limits set by Allah, but does not do so for his fear of Allah, will be rewarded with the Martyrs. "

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