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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Patiently Beyond Potential

" Allah has his ways of testing his creations, some by giving too much, and some, by giving too little.

All are tested according to their capacity that he has gifted them with, and all tests and tribulations in their own right are difficult.

However, I did not understand how difficult it is to remain silent until life put me in a position where silence was the only way forward.

We all like to talk, share our opinions, discuss our viewpoints. We all like to be heard, taken seriously, take out our energy and frustrations. When we become competent and masters of our field, it becomes absolutely impossible for us to remain silent where we could contribute, add value, where we knew we are most qualified to speak.

Imagine a room full of soccer novices eager to learn football. Imagine an amateur standing up and giving everyone football tips. Imagine a footballing legend in the room observing everything and the urge he will have to speak, to guide, to give to the room. Imagine how hard will it be for such a legend to remain silent, to keep inside what he knew he was most worthy to speak about and to give away, his knowledge, skill, guidance, direction.

In your daily conversations, how many of us listen to speak, and speak to listen? Usually we interrupt each other, interfere in each other's matters, because it is simply impossible for us to maintain silence in matters where we are being wronged, in matters where we believe we are more qualified to speak, in matters where we are an authority, whether it be an official meeting or a causal discussion amongst friends.

Even Musa (AS) could not control himself back and interrupted Khizr (AS) three times before Khizr (AS) requested Musa (AS) to depart ways with him, in Quran's own words [18:78] "He said: This shall be separation between me and you; now I will inform you of the significance of that with which you could not have patience."

I believe that amidst all the tribulations that Allah chose for his creations,  02 personalities stood out, who were forced to remain silent, forced to contain themselves, forced to curtail their potential while they had full authority, responsibility and strength to do so if they chose to do so.

First was the most eloquent, the conquerer of Khyber and saviour of Khandaq, Mawla Ali (AS), who spent his life defending Islam and representing Prophet (SAW) in Ghazwas, whose chivalry is unmatched amongst all of the companions and family members. Imam Ali (AS) who in his youth unsheathe Zulfiqar and when Prophet (SAW) demised, did not participate in a single Jihad under the Muslim Caliphate. The Ali (AS) of 33 years cut off himself from Jihad (after Rasool SAW) for nearly 27 years during which the Islamic empire expanded and grew uncontrolled. The Same Yad Allah (Hand of God) and Ain Allah (eyes of Allah) unsheathe his sword again when he was a 60 year old man, a near retirement age, and fought 3 battles, all with Muslims, something which we do not ponder over.  The 27 years of silence from a man who Prophet (SAW) called the gateway to the knowledge of which the Prophet (SAW) himself was the city, from a man who stayed with the prophet like a calf stays with the camel (in Imam Ali's own words), the self leashing and taming of the Lion of Allah is an unparalleled feat of patience.

The second, none other than his son, Abbas (AS) ibn Ali (AS), son of Ummul Baneen (AS). Kerbala being a school for all humanity for all times, which teaches every one a different lesson of piety, spirituality, unity, humility, nobility, patience, valour, sacrifice and Tauheed. Where every companion of Imam Hussain (AS) was allowed by the Imam (AS) to fight, where Imam (AS) himself fought after burying his sons, the Imam (AS), under his insight and wisdom, did not give permission to Abbas (AS) to unsheathe his sword. Those who are not fully acquainted, Mawla Abbas (AS) was famous for his bravery and strong stature. His fights during the battle of Siffin resembled that of Mawla Ali (AS) and as quoted in one of the gatherings by a scholar, Imam Ali (AS) said to Abbas (AS) during one of his fights in Siffin that now He Ali (AS) understood why Prophet (SAW) used to smile while watching Ali (AS) destroy the kuffar in the battlefield. History as we have known states that Hz Abbas (AS) stayed with Imam Hussain (AS) like a shadow and a servant, and was known as the Qamar Banu Hashim, or Moon of Banu Hashim, elaborating the pride Banu Hashim had in his strength and bravery. Such great potential, such great thirst to fight, such emotion, not a battle field more worthy of fight of Hz Abbass (AS) than Kerbala, yet he did not get permission to fight. He was sent to gather water for Imam Hussain's (AS) 4 year old daughter Hz Sakinah (AS), and when the Mashq that he was carrying for water was damaged during the onslaught he faced, he turned away from the camps and ran into the enemy.

To take out your anger, energy and die in the way of Allah is one thing, and to die in the way of Allah with your hands tied while you had the power to fight is another.

Such was the difficult, the trial, Allah took from the sons of Abu Talib, a man who had protected Prophet Muhammad (SAW) throughout his mecci life and Islam in its infancy, a duty carried out by his sons Ali (AS) and Jaffar (AS) and their progeny after Abu Talib (AS).

Allah has promised in Quran [16:96] that what is with us passes away and what is with Allah is enduring; and Allah will most certainly give to those who are patient their reward for the best of what they did.

What is the reward with Allah, Allah knows better.

But what I know is, no matter how controversial sects become, the personality of Ali (AS) remains unblemished and unchallenged. All the sufi silsilahs (Qadri, Chishti, Suhrawardi) trace their lineage back to Mawla Ali (AS), with the exception of Naqshbandi who trace their lineage back to Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr, who was adopted by Mawla Ali (AS) after death of Abu Bakr and became one of most trusted generals of Imam Ali (AS). Later on, the daughter of Muhammad married Imam Baqir (AS) who had the blood of Ali in him. The Shias, Ismailis, Aghakhanis, consider him the Imam and WaliAllah. Sunnis and Wahabis consider him the Sahabi e Salasa and Khalifa e Rashid and part of Ashra Mubashra. Nuseris considered him God. Quran considers him NafsurRasool (when Ali (AS) was taken to Mubahila on compliance of the orders Suarh 3:61). The Prophet (SAW) considered him a brother and his Ahlulbayt (AS). 

History considers Ali (AS) to be the one who was given the Flag (at Khyber) which would only be given to him who was loved by Allah and his Rasool (SAW) and who loved Allah and his Rasool (SAW).

What I know is that the flag was given to a legendary Ali (AS), however today, the Flag of Abbas (AS) is in the house of 20% Muslims. The word Alam today, is associated with the Flag Abbas (AS) received from Imam Hussain (AS) at Kerbala. The word Mawla used by followers for the progeny of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (sons of Janab Zahra (AS)) is used for Hz Abbas (AS) with same Zeal.

So if you are deprived of your potential by circumstances, be patient, let the sons of Abu Talib (AS) inspire you. You will see the promise of Allah is true. If Allah has gifted you with potential, he will find a way for you to materialize on it so that you can serve the society, serve his creations, serve his purpose.   "

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