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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.


" All life in this universe strives for existence. What one was yesterday, must be better today for the sake of survival. The evolution is to the betterment while the decay is towards nothingness. If the struggle is absent, then surely it is a symbolism of death.

I watch the grassland which covers the earth from sky to sky and for one deer an eternity to cross. Such abundant and effortless sustenance. But then i see the deer running, dodging and hiding for its life every day. On the hand, the mighty eagle sores high in the sky, on the top of the food chain, like a king having no fear of life,  everything that can be hunted is below its powerful eyesight. Yet many a day, the eagle's might diminishes on account of a failed hunt. Every day it struggles to kill and feed its nest.

You will never see an ant or a bee idling, such insects having a purpose of existence which they strive for every day.

Does the Cheetah complain of sharing land with much powerful and bigger cats which deny it of its rightful kill by force? Or does the Cheetah use its gifted pace to outrun its prey and manage it before others arrive?

If the octopus refuses to use its capability to camouflage, it will get extinct in a matter of years.

The system that Allah has created burdens every creation to the extent of its abilities (Quran 23:62). Not utilizing your capabilities is criminal. You are overburdened because you chose not to use the abilities Allah built in you.

As per Imam Ali Raza (AS), Musa (AS) was sent in a world popular for magic and hence was endowed with miracles (of magic), Isa (AS) was sent in a world plagued by disease and hence was equipped with cure (to lepresy, blindness etc), Muhammad (SAW) was sent to a world of ignorance (Jahila) and hence was armed with the light of Quran.

Every prophet was burdened with the same responsibility and was given a different tool to manage that burden.  

Quran says in 5:48 that that He might try us in what He gave us, therefore strive with one another to hasten to virtuous deeds.

If you feel burdened by some tribulation or responsibility God's system has chosen for you, discover the capability Allah has planted in you and use it to make it to the next day and to execute virtuous deeds.   "

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