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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

In God's Image 3; Infallibility

" In the original Proposition In God's Image, it was discussed how our parents are in this world, next to only God, and in compassion, in his image.  In the followup In God's Image 2, we saw how the creation of God, this universe, is limitless, and if it is indeed full of wonders and unexplainable phenomenon, how can we then understand and limit god where we cannot understand the limitlessness of his universe.

If God did not give us the ability to be angry, happy, sad, in love, how could we comprehend in our humanness, what the wrath of God or pleasure of God looked like, felt like, or why we should avoid his anger and earn in pleasure. As creation, it was important for us to understand such feelings so that we reacted accordingly. This in no way implies that our pleasure or happiness is as analogical to God's pleasure and happiness; In a similar fashion where the infiniteness of this universe does not resemble the limitlessness of God.

If God did not give us humans, the ability to create and innovate, we would never truly cherish the might behind God as a creator.

If we could not see, how could we as creation comprehend the vision of God? He sees our actions, because we can understand what observation means by virtue of our limited sight.

We try to understand God through his creations, does not mean we compare God with his slaves. As the Quran says in [112:4], And none is like him.

But can God make mistakes? What is a God so omnipotent who commits an error? Ofcourse, Allah is controller of destinies and creator of all creations, there are no accidents or co-incidents in our lives and existence, everything is planned and controlled. A new born with a genetic disorder is not Nature's malfunction or Allah's error, but per our faith, is his wisdom.

It is a point of reflection for group of muslims, who doubt the infallibility of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and try to find weaknesses in his (SAW) character, pertaining to who Allah has stated in the Quran [53:2] that Your companion does not err, nor does he (Muhammad) go astray.

How could we have had comprehended the err-free nature of God without having a reflection of the same in his creation, the Prophet (SAW) himself?"

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