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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Lack of Faith Entangles A Man with Himself

" We, the Muslims, are proud reciters of the Kalimah. Unfortunately, reciting Kalimah is one thing, while believing in it is another.

I do not sin in the presence of my father however when I am alone, I sin. Does my faith teach me that I am ever alone at any point in time? Is not Allah watching me all the time? Why then do i Fear my father more than I fear Allah himself?

Is not stealing, robbing an evidence that we do not trust Allah's promise of giving us our destined Rizq? Is not loosing hope doubting the authority of Allah?

Tawakul or dependency on Allah is the key to success and satisfaction of Man. Those who depend on other than Allah, his lack of faith makes him get entangled with his own self, with his own issues, with other people.   

People earn millions of rupees yet they cannot sleep soundly at night because they worry about their money. They worry to keep it safe from others, they worry to multiply it tenfold. If only they trusted Allah, the giver of sustenance and protector of bounties, they would not have been deprived of a sound sleep, a sleep which is not available to many.

People who think that they are beautiful, work to make themselves look better. They spend money, time and energy in looking good to others. These are the people who are always worried about what others think about them, because their beauty depends on the compliments they receive by others. If only they realized that they are how Allah made them, they would be thankful for everything and will have the confidence to face the world the way they are.

Because People lack faith in Allah, and have their hopes from other people, the rich, the strong, the ministers and the bosses, Allah lets go of such people and leaves them at the mercy of others like them. These are the ones who never achieve satisfaction, are humiliated  and are always entangled in their own issues.

If only man really believes in the existence of Allah and puts his trust in him, man will excel others and will be free from the need of other people. Man should realize that what ever is his, is not his, whatever he is, is given to him by Allah.

As Mawla Ali (AS) said, if you must learn faith/trust in God, you must learn it from the birds. When they go back to their nests at night fall, their beaks are empty, yet they sleep in peace and start the next day singing melodies."

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