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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

God's Argument Against The Angels and The Devil

" Allah had honored Adam (AS) above Iblees and it was this envy which proved too much for the insolent, and converted him to the cursed. Iblees' tussle was not with Adam (AS) and neither could he harm Allah in anyway. His opposition was with mankind and the honor bestowed on it, on Adam (AS) via prostration of the angels.

The devil challenged to misguide us with fake promises, such that we would run after immaterial dreams and vain desires. The doubt on mankind was not only raised by the devil but by other angels as well.

The angels in Surah Al Baqara (2:30) exclaim that will Allah place in the earth as caliph, those who will make mischief in it and shed blood, while the angels themselves celebrate Allah's praise and extol his holiness?

Of course the difference between Iblees and other angels were, that one was insolent, and the others were obedient and accepted Allah's wisdom.

The angels knew that we will shed blood and make mischief in land. I am sure when they look down upon us, they will think to themselves that they were so right. Where a Muslim is not safe from another Muslim, let alone a human being, is a moment for all of us, specially our political and religious representatives, to die of shame.

But we must realize that we are not only mischief makers but also the pride of Allah. Our messenger Muhammad (SAW) was the crown jewel of this pride. The piety and nobility, forbearance and eloquence in the blood of Muhammad (SAW) strengthens this pride of Allah. The blood of martyrs shed in battlefields and in Kerbala is the pride of Allah.  

The angels only thought we would spread mischief and shed blood. The angels did not know that some of us would worship Allah out of free will, would communicate and progress towards knowledge, would create and innovate what the angels themselves could not have imagined, would spread knowledge and sacrifice, would serve the community and we would be killed to protect his name.

Muhammad (SAW) and his Aal (AS), and their true followers, the prophets and the martyrs, the scholars and the pious, are the argument of Allah against the question raisers.

Remember, Allah replied to the angels in the same ayah of Surah Baqara, that He knew what they did not.

Next time when you come across making a choice of right vs the wrong, in your professional and personal dealings, in your responsibilities towards family and society, irrespective of the circumstances, make sure your choice defeats the argument of Iblees and the angels and reflects the confidence Allah has had in you.  "

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