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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Believe In Magic

"Man's intellect has advanced with science, that we have stopped believing in miracles. They seem more of magical fairy tales to us. This is the level of the strength of our faith in Allah. We pray to Allah yet we fear for the same prayer to be rejected as an uncertainty looms about it. Our faith becomes shaky and as a result we lose our peace of mind.

We forget that Imam Ali (AS) had said, that when he prays to Allah and it is accepted, he (AS) becomes happy, because it is his (Imam Ali's (AS)) will, but when it is not accepted, then he (AS) becomes happier because Allah has chosen something else, something greater and that is his (Allah's) will.

In a nutshell, prayer to Allah is the key to happiness. What can be greater than communicating with the creator?

We must realize, that when Ibrahim (AS) was thrown into the fire, the fire really cooled down. When Musa (AS) was being chased by the Pharoah, the sea did open up carving a way through the waves. Muhammad (AS) split the moon. Isa (AS) gave life to the dead. Sulaiman (AS) controlled the Jinn and Dawood (AS) had the gift of molding iron as he willed. The throne of Bilqis was brought to the court of Sulaiman (AS) within the blink of an eye and the Asahab Kahf were made to sleep for 300 years to escape the danger which followed them.

These are not stories from the Arabian night, but this is the Quran we are talking about. There is then very little margin for us to lose hope, even in times where only something magical can deliver us from the challenge we are facing. "

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