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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Awaiting The Imam?

"Most of the Muslims, Shias and Sunnis, in one way or the other, await Imam Mahdi (AS) to guide and to lead before the time ends.

Particularly, the Shias pray for hastening of the arrival of the Son of Janab Zahra (AS), Imam Mahdi (AS) ibn Imam Hassan Askari (AS), the last representative of the pure blood line of the masooms, of the Prophet (SAW) himself.

There is no doubt, that we are in chaos, in confusion, in trouble, some misguided, some being slaughtered. There is no doubt that the world needs the Mahdi (AS). However I sometimes think, that we, specially the Shias complaint about feeling emptiness in faith and purpose due to the absence of the Imam (AS). True. But I also know what we did when the Imams were amongst us?

When the Prophet (SAW) was amongst us, we (the muslims) used to leave him standing in Jummah Prayers to attend carnivals, left him alone in battlefields to save their lives. We troubled him (SAW) with our insolence at his death bed and at the event of Hudaibya. When Mawla Ali (AS) was amongst us, we did not take full advantage of  his knowledge, we divided into different armies and opposed him (AS), we forced him to halt all offensive against Muawya (the impure). The Nahjul Balaga or Peak of Eloquence, is full of sermons of Mawla Ali (AS) warning the people, his people, to reform their ways. When Imam Hussain (AS) was amongst us, we did not dare to come out of our houses and let the son of Muhammad (SAW) face the enemy with his 72 faithful only.

Therefore, the excuse of Imam's (AS) occultation eases us our blame of our insolence. What did we gain when the Imams were amongst us? We are still divided over petty issues and we still have incomplete knowledge of many issues. Are we awaiting the Imam (AS)? Maybe the truth is that the Imam (AS) awaits his shias (followers).

Rasool (SAW) had said that he who takes up arms against us is not one of us. He who does not respect our life, honor and property, is not one of us.  Imam Jaffar (AS) had said that his shia is he who helps the needy and likes for him what he likes for his brother. Are we of the Prophet (SAW) and his Progeny (AS)?

We are in an identity crisis, where our title of "muslims or shias or sunnis" clashes with the very teachings of our Prophet and Imams.  "

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