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We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic Tradition and the Prophet's Household. And Allah is the Source of Strength.

Challenging Self Righteousness

"Our clerics (or so called) have a tendency to call each other Kaafirs. The tendency unfortunately not only lies with them, but trickles down to the last muslim in the country.

It is more a matter of our mind-set, where we are groomed self-righteously. I am Allah's only beloved, Rasool (SAW) is my intercessor in Qayamat. If I am a shia, then Ali (AS) is only my Imam and if I am a sunni, then the Sahabas are only my stars of guidance. I say, Inshallah to all of it.

But we must ponder, if all of it is a one-sided affair only. What if Allah does not like my arrogance, my intolerance? What if Rasool (SAW) is disgusted by my uncleanliness (of faith and body)? What if Ali (AS) will dissociate from me when he is told that i used to oppress those weaker than me and ignored the lesser privileged? What if the companions (RA) turn their faces away from me when they see that i did not follow the footsteps of Rasool (SAW)?

The fact is, every relationship works two-sided, and deserves its rightful respect. Without this respect and sense of duty, and its subsequent fulfillment, the relationship is meaningless and falters. Without love and understanding, there is no marriage, without respect and obedience, there is no parentage, without trust there is no friendship. You may tell your class-mate that you two are the best of buddies, but lip service only does not create relationships.

Who is Allah a god of? Allah is a god of everyone, for he gives ALL (irrespective of age, religion, gender, social class) sustenance, bounties and listens to their prayers. Who is Rasool (SAW) a prophet of? He (SAW) is a prophet for ALL mankind, for his message was not for the arabs or for a specific culture but for all men for all times.

The question is, who are you a slave of? Your day-to-day dealing with the poor and the oppressed reflects your slavery. Your desire to please your bosses and the strong of the community reflects your slavery. Your lust for women and power reflects your slavery. Your arrogance, self conceit and self-righteousness defines your slavery. Your accumulation of wealth shows your slavery. Your fear of the non-gods testifies your slavery. Your following of your desires defines your slavery. Your treatment of your relatives and your neighbors defines your slavery.

Allah is everyone's god, but are you his slave? Rasool (SAW) is everyone's prophet, but are you his follower? Ali (AS) is the imam but are you his shia?

There were many with the Prophet (SAW) at Khyber, who loved Allah and his Rasool (SAW). But the Prophet (SAW) awarded the flag to him who was also loved by Allah and his Rasool (SAW).

Therefore to love Allah and his Rasool (SAW) is one thing. But to be loved by them is the greatest reward we can dream to achieve of.

Allah does not love those who spread fitnah and lies, who sell the Quran, who mistreat the elders and the poor, who are attracted to obscenity, who do not observe the limits of Islam, who does not follow his Prophet (SAW).

As the Quran states in 38:2, "Nay! those who disbelieve are in self-exaltation (self-glory) and opposition". "

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